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Paraglider, Power Chute and Soft Wing Inspections

Due to age, exposure to the UV spectrum in sunlight, damage from wear, or simply the stresses of flight, used paraglider wings can change their shape and lose their ability to perform as intended. A "Paraglider Wing Inspection" is a series of tests that will evaluate your used paraglider wings' ability to perform as designed. The overall safety of your used paraglider wing can be determined during these procedures.

A professional paraglider wing inspection will reveal any weak spots in your used paraglider that compromises safety.
Such weak spots include:

  • UV damage to fabric and lines
  • High Porosity - air is moving through the wings' fabric too easily
  • The outer sheathing of a line is worn or torn exposing the inner core
  • The inner core of a line is damaged or broken
  • Lines have stretched or shrunk, causing the wing to change its shape. Remember it is the shape of the wing that provides lift and control.
  • Damage to risers or riser hardware, "webbing", "quick links", "pullies", "O" rings, etc.
  • Rips, holes or excessive wear of the paraglider wing
  • Damage of the stitched seams in the paraglider fabric
  • Damage of the line tabs
  • Deformities in the paraglider wing

The following tests and procedures are performed during every Paraglider Wing Inspection...

  • The paraglider wing is hung vertically on a frame, with the leading edge down, to facilitate cleaning out each cell (You'd be stunned to know what things we have found inside wings)
  • Each line is inspected for outer sheathing and inner core damage
  • Each line's length is measured and compared to manufacture's specifications using charts kept on file
  • Corresponding lines from the left and right side of the paraglider wing are checked for symmetry
  • Line Strength Tests are performed and evaluated
  • A Porosity Test is made of the wing's fabric to measure the amount of air that can pass directly through the fabric disrupting the ideal airflow for a paraglider wing
  • A Fabric Strength Test is performed to evaluate the material's ability to stop a small hole from becoming a large tear and a big problem
  • Stitching and seams are examined for integrity
  • Risers are checked for wear
  • Quick-Links/Maillons are checked for cracks & bends
  • Worn or missing "O" rings are replaced
  • Main Brake Lines are changed out if worn
  • A detailed "Paraglider Wing Inspection Report" is prepared describing the test results and contains a summary of the paraglider wings' condition


Paraglider Wing Inspection Costs

Speed Wing or Kite Complete Inspection: $130
Paraglider or PPC, Complete Annual Inspection: $145
Tandem Paraglider or PPC (42 sq. meters & larger), Complete Annual Inspection: $155
Incident Inspection (generally recommended after an incident or accident): $80

Canopy Inspection (exterior, seams, tabs, and interior): $40
Line Inspection (includes tabs): $40
Hang Glider Inspection (includes punch test and fabric inspection): $60

Fabric Covered Ultralight Inspection (includes punch test and fabric inspection): $80

Test Flight (only available after a complete inspection is performed): $40

Line Break Test: $45
Line Inspection (includes tabs): $40
Porosity & Tear Resistance Tests: $35 for both tests
Punch Test: $10 each
Replacement Lines: $15 each (you install)
Replacement Lines: $20 each (includes installation)
Line Installation (purchased elsewhere): $5, per line
Complete Factory Line Set Installation: $150 (does not include line set)


Paraglider Wing Repairs

All Repairs & Modifications: $40 per hour plus the cost of materials.

  • Contact us via Email with any questions or concerns:
  • If any concerns about the safety of the paraglider wings' condition are revealed during the Paraglider Wing Inspection, the client will be contacted with our findings and repair recommendations



Please follow the instructions described below for shipping your paraglider wing to us for an inspection OR repair.

1. Click here: Service Request Form and fill out the Service Request Form.

2. Click here: Printable Shipping Label. Fill out the bottom portion and include it inside your shipping box. The top portion with the Airtoyz address can be taped to your box.

3. Pack your wing in a sturdy cardboard box, as this is the box we will use to ship your wing back to you.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT use "styrofoam peanuts" when packing your paraglider wing!

4. Take your box to a UPS, FedEx or USPS shipping location, insure the wing for what you need to receive IF the wing gets lost in the mail. A return label can be purchased at the same time and enclosed in your box, this will be greatly appreciated.

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